Personal loan vs Debt relief to payoff debt.

Personal loan requirements:

Above average credit
Good disposable income
Good credit history
Solid tax return
Clean bank account

A personal loan is a good option to consolidate debt. Your credit will be affected when loan funds. It will recover as long as you don’t use the consolidated credit cards. Your monthly payments will be higher vs to credit cards minimum payments. In most cases, the interest rate will be lower. The term of the loan is shorter, usually 5 years or lower. This will save you thousands of Dollars. Typical credit card takes 12 years to pay off and costs 3 times of the amount that you borrowed. You have to control your finances for the duration of the loan. The common mistake that consumers make, is charging on the credit cards that they consolidated.

Debt relief requirements:

Any credit level
Any income level
Any credit history
No tax returns required
Bank account

Debt relief is a better option for most consumers in unsecured debt. Your credit will be affected at the beginning of the program. It will recover and in most cases will be better than when you started the program. Debt relief works with any unsecured debt, credit cards, personal loans, collection accounts and more. Your monthly payments will be lower and you will pay less than what you owe.

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